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Stories of how financial instruments have an impact on the ground

Academia de codigo
29 October 2021
Portugal: ESF Social Impact Bond for coding bootcamps

Backed by a EUR 723 500 investment from the Portugal Social Innovation Social Impact Bond and private investors, Academia de Código bootcamps have enabled dozens of unemployed people to find a coding job in just 14 weeks!

Nasekomo - Insects
29 October 2021
Nasekomo: sustainable food from insects

Supported by a EUR 1.5 million-equity investment from the ERDF Financial Instruments in Bulgaria, Nasekomo, a successful biotechnology company at the forefront of European insect-based sustainable food production, will soon open an industrial demonstrator with a capacity of 600t/year.

Profit - cooking
29 October 2021
ProFIT supports leading diet coaching app in Europe

Backed by a grant/loan combination funding from the ERDF ProFIT programme in the federal state of Brandenburg, Oviva, a leading diet coaching app has helped over 200 000 patients suffering from weight-related health problems.

New CPR - Conductor
1 September 2021
New CPR enters into force

A key objective of the CPR is administrative simplification, accelerating the delivery of public support in the real economy and streamlining the legal requirements for the development of financial instruments. The new CPR gives national authorities the possibility to set-up instruments suited to local, regional or national needs.

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Roboze employee powers up 3D printer
19 May 2021
A tech start-up heading for the Big League

Alessio Lorusso, CEO of Roboze, a leading italian 3D company, built his first 3D printer alone in his bedroom at 17 out of curiosity and pure passion for 3D technology.

Supported by a EUR 3 million equity investment by Italy's Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR), Roboze is today a successful business developing machines and high performance components for worldwide giants.

Comfort and savings for low-income households in Greece
18 May 2021
Comfort and savings for low-income households in Greece

The Greek Ministry of Development and Investments is supporting the restoration of thousands of individual houses and flats in the country, generating enough energy savings to light more than 600 thousand 100W lightbulbs continuously for one year.

Knok Care hero
16 May 2021
Fresh air for Portugal’s healthcare

Knok Care is helping ease the pressure on hospitals in difficult times, thanks to its video based technology for medical consultations.

Backed by a EUR 1 437 500 equity investment from the ESF financial instrument, this innovative company helps people patients to find doctors nearby and receive medical care without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The Alter'NA guarantee
27 January 2021
The Alter'NA guarantee fund – financing sustainable agriculture in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Thanks to the Alter'NA guarantee fund, hundreds of farmers in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region have already successfully implemented sustainable agriculture projects.

Poland - Mountain 2
27 January 2021
Poland's National Fund for Social Entrepreneurship helps social economy enterprises in difficult times

Honorata Szatanik and Piotr Stachulak who are managing the cheese producing social cooperative Serowa Kraina in Rajcza, a village close to the border with Slovakia, tell us how the EUR 22 000 National Fund for Social Entrepreneurship loan supported their activities in difficult times.