Czech Republic

fi-compass Stocktaking Study on financial instruments by sector published

Five sectors that have the potential for greater use of financial instruments in the future are the subject of the new fi-compass sectoral stocktaking studies. As well as a full report and Executive Summary, five case studies and separate sectoral fiches have been produced to provide targeted information for managing authorities seeking to use financial instruments to support investment in the following key sectors:

Stocktaking study on financial instruments by sector - Environmental risk loan in Czechia

The Czech Ministry of the Environment has set up a EUR 18.5 million loan instrument managed by the State Environmental Fund (SEF) to address, reduce and manage environmental risks. The instrument is, probably, the only financial instrument in the 2014-2020 programming period addressing Thematic Objective 6 – Environment and resource efficiency in the enterprise sector.

This case study forms part of the fi-compass Stocktaking study on financial instruments by sector.