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New year, new flexibilities for financial instruments

Energy-saving renovation in Lithuania: good for the planet…and for the wallet

Cold and badly isolated homes, a well-known problem in Lithuania for years, are just a bad memory for over 100 000 families who can now enjoy the new comfort level of their homes while making 50 to 70% savings on their heating bills.

Poland’s National Fund for Social Entrepreneurship helps social economy enterprises in difficult times

Honorata Szatanik and Piotr Stachulak who are managing the cheese producing social cooperative Serowa Kraina in Rajcza, a village close to the border with Slovakia, tell us how the EUR 22 000 National Fund for Social Entrepreneurship loan supported their activities in difficult times.

Alter'NA finances sustainable agriculture in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Thanks to the Alter'NA guarantee fund, hundreds of farmers in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region have already successfully implemented sustainable agriculture projects.

fi-compass achievements in an exceptional year - short interview with Bruno Robino, Head of fi-compass at the European Investment Bank

Bruno Robino, head of fi-compass at the European Investment Bank comes back on a hard year marked by creativity, innovation and relaxed rules as far as financial instruments are concerned.

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