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  1. Mirosław Borowski

    Mirosław Borowski, Vice-President of National Council of Agricultural Chambers (KRIR)

  2. Event overview

  3. Event overview

  4. Cathy Smith, Pekka Pesonen, Jerzy Wierzbicki, Mirosław Borowski

    Cathy Smith, moderator; Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General COPA – COGECA; Jerzy Wierzbicki, President of the Polish Beef Association…

  5. Networking

  6. Arkadiusz Lewicki

    Arkadiusz Lewicki, Director of Department of Public Programmes and Economic Entities, Polish Bank Association (ZBP)

  7. Hubert Cottogni

    Hubert Cottogni, Deputy Director, European Investment Fund