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  1. Nivelin Noev

    Nivelin Noev, DG AGRI, European Commission

  2. Werner Schmidt

    Werner Schmidt, Director, European Investment Bank

  3. Ioannis Tsakiris

    Ioannis Tsakiris, European Investment Fund

  4. Martin Scheele

    Martin Scheele, DG AGRI, European Commission

  5. Bernd Schuh

    Bernd Schuh, Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning

  6. Kieran Kearney

    Kieran Kearney, Advisory Services, European Investment Bank

  7. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee, European Investment Bank

  8. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee, European Investment Bank

  9. Szilvia Bencze

    Szilvia Bencze, Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary

  10. Frank Lee and panel

    Frank Lee, European Investment Bank

  11. Cindy Schultz

    Cindy Schultz, Directorate of Rural Affairs, Agriculture and Coastal Economy, Languedoc-Roussillon Region, France

  12. Merle Saaliste

    Merle Saaliste, Ministry of Agriculture, Estonia

  13. Cathy Smith

    Cathy Smith, moderator

  14. Event participant

  15. Event participant

  16. Networking in Dublin

    Networking in Dublin

  17. Event participants

  18. Event participants

  19. Event participants

  20. Event participants

  21. Event participants