fi-compass library

The fi-compass library contains a range of different information and learning resources covering a variety of topics related to financial instruments under the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). The fi-compass resources are published and can be downloaded here. They may be particularly useful for managing authorities and other bodies involved in the management of ESIF. They include:

  • Primary and secondary legislation – Here you can find the primary legal documentation for the Common provisions regulation and the secondary regulations for each of the ESI Funds.
  • EC Regulatory Guidance – Here you can find the guidance on the application of specific regulatory provisions relevant for the implementation of ESIF financial instruments, as issued by the European Commission.
  • fi-compass publications - aim to address issues faced by ESIF authorities during the establishment and the implementation of financial instruments, covering different stages of the financial instrument life cycle. They raise awareness on relevant practices, help improve the understanding about regulatory and technical requirements and provide advice on the approach to take. Short informative factsheets, practical manuals and case studies on financial instruments implemented in 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming periods can be found here.
  • fi-compass videos – video resources from fi-compass include films providing general and technical advice about using ESIF financial instruments. Other video material showcases financial instruments 'in action' as well the fi-compass event series and testimonials from practitioners involved with ESIF financial instruments.
  • News about ESIF financial instruments is published regularly through a series of short articles on our website and the Beacon newsletter is produced to provide a round-up of developments with ESIF financial instruments.
  • Other resources – this part of the library contains relevant information from EU sources, such as the European Parliament, European Investment Bank Group, Committee of the Regions, and the European Court of Auditors. Information produced by external sources about ESIF financial instruments is also available here.

Latest resources

Thumbnail 04.11.2015 / Manuals

Manual (Scoping study for the use of financial instruments under the EMFF and related advisory support activities)
Thumbnail 19.10.2015 / Case Studies

Case study (ERDF Languedoc-Roussillon)
Thumbnail 01.10.2015 / Videos

Seven steps to effective ex-ante assessments for ESIF Financial Instruments
Thumbnail 11.09.2015 / EC Regulatory Guidance

European Structural and Investment Funds Guidance for Member States and Programme Authorities CPR_37_7_8_9 Combination of support from a financial instrument with other forms of support
Thumbnail 11.09.2015 / Brochures, Factsheets

Financial instrument products
Thumbnail 11.09.2015 / Brochures, Factsheets

Developing an action plan
Thumbnail 04.08.2015 / Case Studies

Case Study (ESF Microcredit Fund Campania)
Thumbnail 15.07.2015 / EC Regulatory Guidance

EC Regulatory Guidance (Guidance for Member States on Article 41 CPR– Request for payment)
Thumbnail 02.07.2015 / Brochures, Publications

Preview of Methodological Handbook for implementing an ex-ante assessment of financial instruments for agriculture supported by the EAFRD
Thumbnail 30.06.2015 / Videos

Benefits of the FIs in EAFRD
Thumbnail 05.06.2015 / Manuals

Manual (Ex-ante assessment guidance, Vol. V - Financial instruments for urban and territorial development)
Thumbnail 05.06.2015 / Manuals

Manual (Ex-ante assessment guidance, Vol. IV - Supporting the shift towards low-carbon economy)
Thumbnail 05.06.2015 / Manuals

Manual (Ex-ante assessment guidance, Vol. III - Enhancing competitiveness of SMEs)
Thumbnail 05.06.2015 / Manuals

Manual (Ex-ante assessment guidance, Vol. II - Strengthening research, technological development and innovation)
Thumbnail 05.06.2015 / Manuals

Manual (Ex-ante assessment guidance, Vol. I - General methodology)