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What is a Case Study?


Case studies showcase examples of good practice. A good practice is a method, a technique, a project or an initiative that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means or by other projects and initiatives, and thus it is used as a benchmark. Case studies may be prepared to analyse a specific financial instrument or research thematic issues of interest across a number of financial instruments.

What is a Factsheet?


Factsheets provide information specific to an issue/policy in a quick and efficient manner. Factsheets aim to be clear, concise, reliable and easy to read. Each factsheet builds on official EU rules and regulations, expert knowledge from EC, Member States, other stakeholders and EIB Group experience.

What is a Handbook?


Handbooks are concise manuals or references book providing specific ‘how to’ information or instruction to address the needs of the Member States.  They aim to help Member States to better understand the regulatory and operational requirements for establishing and managing ESIF financial instruments and provide general, but practical advice on the approach to take with regard to particular questions and/or phases in the implementation process.