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fi-compass is a platform for advisory services
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Financial instruments using the European Social Fund
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First EaSI TA workshop on EU Instruments for microfinance in Sofia, Bulgaria: November 10 2016

Our fi-compass support for EU microfinance stakeholders included organising a workshop in Bulgaria recently through the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation Technical Assistance (EaSI TA).

Financial instruments for agriculture and rural development: fi-compass macro-regional conference in Warsaw

Financial instruments using the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) were the focus of a macro-regional fi-compass conference in Warsaw recently. 

Workshop on EU instruments for microfinance in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian association of credit cooperatives and microfinance organisations (BACCOM) together with fi-compass is organising the first EaSI TA workshop on EU instruments for microfinance in Bulgaria on November 10th 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Microfinance news from fi-compass

Recent news from fi-compass featuring our support for the European microfinance sector includes:

Selection of bodies implementing financial instruments: fi-compass event series continues

A new round of knowledge sharing events is underway through fi-compass to help Member States and regions implement financial instruments. These include an event dedicated to Commission guidance, and also a series of seminars with thematic focus, such as those for revolving funds supporting energy efficiency investments or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Other events in the fi-compass pipeline will feature advice about agricultural instruments as well as microfinance.

New advisory services from fi-compass

The new 2016-2018 work programme has been launched by fi-compass. The new advisory services build on the achievements of the first fi-compass work programme, which include a successful series of capacity building events and the publication of many new learning resources about European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) financial instruments, as well as the continuation of the Employment and Social Innovation programme technical assistance (EaSI TA).

Two EaSI TA Workshops during the 3rd European Microfinance Forum, 19-21 October 2016, Rome

The 3rd European Microfinance Forum (3rd EMF) will provide public institutions, private sector operators and non-profit organisations with a new opportunity to debate and share views from their various qualified perspectives on economic and social development and credit access.

More microfinance advice from fi-compass for European microcredit providers

Advisory work provided by fi-compass EaSI TA continues with a workshop in Skopje, FYROM, on 22-23 September.  This workshop is being arranged as part of the Alliance of Microfinance Organisations' first Regional Microfinance Forum, and fi-compass support will complement the Forum's overall aims for microfinance and financial inclusion.

'Microfinance in the Cloud’ conference

More than 380 participants attended the Microfinance in the Cloud conference from over 40 countries in Europe and Central Asia. This international audience was able to benefit from fi-compass expertise provided through the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation Technical Assistance (EaSI TA).