Anna Muterko from the Conference on Financial Instruments for delivery of the ERDF and the Cohesion Fund, Vienna

fi-compass organised a conference in Vienna on Financial Instruments for delivery of the ERDF and the Cohesion Fund. Anna Muterko, from the Managing Authority ERDF/IGJ Austria (ÖROK, Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning) commented: “I was especially interested to learn more about the EC Guidance Notes and the reasoning behind some of the provisions and how to implement them. The event allowed me to learn more about the set-up of Financial Instruments in other Member States and to hear how other Managing Authorities managed to overcome the challenges they faced with respect to their instruments. In general, my impression of the conference in Vienna was very good.

Register for Dublin EAFRD Conference

Registration is now open for first European fi-compass Conference on Financial Instruments under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The Conference will take place in Dublin on 23 and 24 June 2015. Participants can expect to further their understanding of how financial instruments can help in their efforts to deliver EAFRD objectives. They will also learn how new initiatives, including fi-compass and also EC-EIB co-operation in Agriculture and Rural Development, can support their efforts to implement financial instruments. The conference will be opened by statements from Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Wilhelm Molterer, Vice President of the EIB and Czesław Adam Siekierski, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, European Parliament.

The new advisory hub online

The new fi-compass webportal is NOW LIVE! The platform is offering a wide range of resources for Member States, managing authorities, financial institutions, project leaders and all stakeholders. There is a wealth of useful tools accessible on the website, including a short illustrative video on the benefits of financial instruments and an explanatory factsheet on how they work...

The Investment Plan explained

Having established the need to make Europe more attractive for investment and channel these investments where they are most needed, the European Commission recently announced a €315 billion Investment Plan over the next three years to boost jobs and growth (COM(2014)903). The plan was immediately substantiated by the proposal to create a new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), to provide for additional risk financing. This is the first pillar of the plan. The second pillar is about making investment happen in the real economy with better technical assistance. This must be complemented by a series of measures to remove barriers to investment and to create a true Single Market, which is the third pillar. In addition, Member States are being urged to boost the impact of ESI Funds and encouraged to double the use of financial instruments in key investment areas for the programming period 2014-2020...

AGRI conference Dublin June

The first European fi-compass conference on financial instruments under the EAFRD will take place in Dublin, 23-24th June, 2015. The conference will be open by statements from Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development and Wilhelm Molterer, Vice President of the EIB. The event targets EAFRD Managing Authorities, farm and business associations, bodies implementing or considering implementing financial instruments in agriculture and rural businesses, financial intermediaries, EAFRD stakeholders, members of the Civil Dialogue Group on rural development, public authorities, chambers of commerce, EIB Group staff, etc. The registration will be launched soon on the website of fi-compass.