Employment and Social Innovation (Jasmine)

Microfinance news from fi-compass

See the new EaSI TA newsletter featuring information about capacity building support from fi-compass for Europe’s microfinance sector. The newsletter is produced with Technical Assistance (TA) support from the first axis of the European Commission’s Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Programme. Click here to download and share the EaSI TA newsletter.


EaSI TA Thematic Seminar in Romania: Product development and distribution channels in rural areas, Bucharest, October 19th

fi-compass organised a second EaSI TA thematic seminar in Romania in response to the needs expressed by both Romanian and other European microfinance institutions (MFIs) operating in rural areas. The event focused on innovation in product development and distribution channels, including digital methods for MFIs with clients in rural regions.

Microfinance support for Portugal from fi-compass

Our fi-compass EaSI TA advisory services organised three workshops in Portugal during the Ethical and Solidarity Finance Forum (FFES III). More than 160 people participated representing Portuguese stakeholders involved in ethical and solidarity financing. The three EaSI TA workshops focused on raising awareness about the ethical and solidarity financing environment as well as related financing gaps in Portugal.

fi-compass Employment and Social Innovation Programme Technical Assistance (EaSI TA)

EaSI Technical Assistance is a part of the first axis of the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Programme which is an EU level financing instrument. Its third axis aims to increase the availability and accessibility of microfinance for vulnerable groups and micro enterprises, build up the institutional capacity of microcredit providers and increase access to finance for social enterprises.

Promoting microfinance good practices from the Netherlands

Business strategies and digital innovation for microfinance institutions were the themes for a fi-compass event that took place last month in the Netherlands. Advice about business development services (BDS) for microfinance recipients was also provided during the fi-compass seminar, which was organised with technical assistance from the EU's Employment and Social Innovation Programme (EaSI TA).

Technical assistance for the EU's microfinance sector

Outcomes from the EaSI TA component of fi‑compass have recently included capacity building workshops and the release of a new video.Our new EaSI TA video is introduced by the European Commission's Ann Branch (Head of the Job Creation Unit at DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) who explains that the film "shows how the European Union is helping the European microfinance sector by providing technical assistance."

EaSI TA Thematic Seminar on Mutual Learning 'Risk and Credit Management', 25 September 2017, Deva / Sarmizegetusa, Romania

An EaSI TA seminar was organised in Romania for microfinance stakeholders in September 2007 by fi-compass. The event was an initiative following up on an EaSI TA Survey conducted in March / April 2017, which identified that a number of credit unions (CARs) from Romania were interested in learning from peers about Risk & Credit Management policies and procedures.