European Structural Investment Fund

Model for a financial instrument with a grant component to support energy efficiency

This document aims to describe models Managing Authorities (MAs) may use to support energy efficiency projects that combine grants with loans in a single financial instrument operation. The model financial instruments are intended to provide a non-exhaustive insight into the potential for MAs to use the new flexibilities in Article 58 of the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR).

The fi-compass Blog

What do newly insulated homes in Lithuania, a 3D printing business in Italy and sustainable grapes production in Greece have in common? All these projects were financed using EU financial instruments.

EU financial instruments have helped numerous projects from across a wide range of sectors grow, mature and thrive. To show case their positive impact, we have created a centralised platform to highlight successes in financial instrument implementation – the fi-compass blog.

Country Data pages updated

Have you checked out the fi-compass Country Data pages recently?

Member State specific information can be found on dedicated webpages together with data concerning the use of financial instruments in each country. The figures have recently been updated in line with the EU’s Open Data platform, so if you would like to find information relating to the financial instruments in your country why not follow the link below to the fi-compass Country Data pages.

fi-compass survey 2021

The final report of the fi-compass end-of-term survey presents the feedback received from practitioners on the impact of the fi-compass platform. The results of the survey will support the development of fi-compass to ensure it continues to meet the advisory needs of practitioners implementing or considering implementing financial instruments using European Commission funds in the 2021-2027 programming period.

Audit methodology for auditing financial instruments in the period 2014-2020 – update 2021

The audit methodology, including this 2021 update, has been prepared with the objective to assist the Commission auditors and audit authorities (AAs) for their audits pursuant to Article 127 of the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR). The methodology sets out the overall audit approach of the Commission services for carrying out audits of financial instruments in accordance with the applicable rules. It focuses on the key risk areas that might have a material impact in terms of legality and regularity of the expenditure related to the financial instruments operations.