EaSI TA workshop: EU support instruments for microfinance in Poland, Warsaw, March 23rd 2017


An EaSI TA workshop was organised by fi-compass to raise awareness about the various EU support programmes that can assist Poland's microfinance sector. Information provided to workshop participants (13 local practitioners from nine different organisations) included advice about the application requirements, procedures and implementation process for the EU Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision, the EaSI financial instruments and the EaSI TA Programme. This was a first opportunity for most participants to learn about the EaSI TA programme and the requirement for Code certification. They were particularly interested in the EaSI TA structure as well as the different financial and non-financial services offered.
Workshop discussions covered the future outlook for EU funding up until 2020 in relation to microfinance growth opportunities. It was confirmed that markets exist in Poland for micro or small loans and existing loan fund managers were encouraged to make good use of available EU support through longer-term strategies. Issues related to changes in regional government strategies for funding were also of interest to the EaSI TA audience.
Constructive dialogue followed the presentation of Piotr Rogowiecki, CEO of the Polish Association of Loan Funds, which focused on funding challenges and opportunities for Polish Loan Funds. This workshop session highlighted different issues in different parts of Poland and resulted in a useful exchange of good practice experiences between the country’s microfinance peers.