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Total active financial instruments (2014-2020) 6 2 1 2 1
Total contributions to financial instruments (€ million) 603.99 20.71 20.00 2.76 136.38

Data from before 01.01.2022

Source: Cohesion Policy Open Data Platform

Bulgaria financial instruments


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Barabar, did you say?

16 July 2023

Thanks to a microloan backed by SIS Credit under the ESF financial instrument, a group of friends created Infinite Games Ltd, a social enterprise active in the field of human rights education.

Sewing thread

The perfect fit

4 July 2023

Thanks to a EUR 17 895 microfinance loan backed by SIS Credit under the ESF financial instrument, Stelian Radovenski and Lazar Lazarov founded Made Right, a profitable business specialising in the production of quality shirts for men in Pleven, the third largest city in Northern Bulgaria.

Southern Bulgaria and Sofia (Bulgaria)

Sustainable Cities Fund: Future proofing cities in Bulgaria

2 February 2023

Over the past four years, the Sustainable Cities Fund has financed more than 70 projects in Bulgaria thanks to ERDF financial instruments. From the restoration of schools, markets and theatres, to the renovation of parks, the Fund is helping cities thrive and become more sustainable. The Sustainable Cities Fund’s mission is to foster economic and urban development in Bulgaria, making the most of EU and National resources through financial instruments.