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Access to finance remains insufficient for farmers and agri-food SMEs
The unmet demand of farmers for financing by banks has reached €62 billion in 2022, according to two surveys presented today by Commissioner Wojciechowski at the 9th annual EU conference on EAFRD-funded financial instruments. ... Read the full story
Is your project green?
Discover our new user-friendly Green Eligibility Checker webtool and find out how green your investment project is. ... Read the full story
Financial instruments provided real returns in the real economy
Do not miss out on the European Commission Annual Report summarising the progress made in financing and implementing financial instruments supported by European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) for 2021. By the end of 2021, financial instruments under ESIF leveraged almost EUR 50 billion in financing, contributing to the policy objectives of the European Union (SMEs competitiveness, low-carbon economy and RDI). ... Read the full story
Workers buyout: il sostegno dell’Europa
In Italia le imprese salvate dai lavoratori sono ormai un’esperienza consolidata, come anche in Francia e Spagna. Ora, l’Unione Europea ... Read the full story
Summaries of the data on the progress made in financial instruments – Situation as at 31 December 2020
The European Commission has published its annual report summarising the progress made in financing and implementing financial ... Read the full story
Financing the green transition feature in European Week of Regions and Cities
fi-compass partners, the European Commission DG REGIO and the EIB have announced a session on financing the green transition, to be ... Read the full story
New ERDF financial instrument in Andalucia, Spain to support innovation
In June 2022, a 100 million EUR ERDF financial instrument was set up by Junta de Andalucia’s to promote research, development, innovation ... Read the full story
New European Bauhaus model financial instrument published by fi-compass
The final version of the model financial instrument developed by the Commission in collaboration with the EIB and fi-compass stakeholders ... Read the full story
ESF financial instruments in action: impact and success stories
ESF financial instruments mobilised more than EUR 800 million of financing in the 2014-2020 programming period to foster employment, ... Read the full story
New model paves the way to more energy efficient investments
fi-compass recently released a new model for a financial instrument with a grant component to support energy efficiency. This model aims ... Read the full story