fi-compass news

June 2018
New opportunities for rural development financial instruments in Europe
Simplified rules and a broader remit for financial instruments were among the key topics presented during our ‘Fourth annual EU conference ... Read the full story
March 2018
New EU data about ESIF financial instruments
New data has been published recently by the European Commission about the Member States' financial instruments that use European Structural ... Read the full story
February 2018
Financial gap in the EU agricultural sector
A study published by fi-compass in February 2018 presents a first look into the financial gap for agricultural enterprises for ... Read the full story
December 2017
Microfinance support for Portugal from fi-compass
Our fi-compass EaSI TA advisory services organised three workshops in Portugal during the Ethical and Solidarity Finance Forum ( ... Read the full story
Promoting microfinance good practices from the Netherlands
Business strategies and digital innovation for microfinance institutions were the themes for a fi-compass event that took place ... Read the full story
'FI Campus' attracts more than 300 participants
Our three day event entitled FI Campus was held in Brussels from Wednesday, 29 November to Friday, 1 December 2017. Its focus was on ... Read the full story
Exploring the scope of European Social Fund financial instruments
October saw the fi-compass advisory services for European Social Fund (ESF) financial instruments focus on opportunities for ' ... Read the full story
European Commission guidance published on implementation options for financial instruments
In the 2014-2020 legal framework, the managing authority of a financial instrument has the possibility to choose between several ... Read the full story
Financial instrument opportunities for Finland
Finland was the location of the fi-compass event ‘ESIF financial instruments in the 2014-2020 programming period – Opportunities ... Read the full story
Technical assistance for the EU's microfinance sector
Outcomes from the EaSI TA component of fi-compass have recently included capacity building workshops and the release of a new ... Read the full story
Financial instruments as a delivery mechanism for European Structural and Investment Funds post 2020
A workshop about financial instruments was organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy - DG ... Read the full story
Microfinance advice for rural Romania
A second EaSI TA thematic seminar was organised in Romania by fi-compass earlier this Autumn. The event’s main purpose was to ... Read the full story
Estonian success stories with financial instruments
Estonia holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union from July to December during 2017 and fi-compass has been ... Read the full story
Lithuanian financial instrument invests in energy efficiency for buildings
Lithuania's financial instrument promoting energy efficiency in apartment buildings has been featured as an interesting case study at ... Read the full story
New video advice about financial instrument products
A new fi-compass video has just been released to help raise awareness about the main types of financial instruments (e.g. loans, ... Read the full story
November 2017
Financing investment guarantees for the agri‑food sector in southern France
A new agricultural case study has been published by fi-compass that describes a French financial instrument from the Occitanie/ ... Read the full story
Advancing with financial instruments for agriculture and rural development
Over 200 delegates from 25 Member States gathered in Paris on 10 October for the third high-level annual fi‑compass conference on ... Read the full story
New loans and equity investments for France’s La Réunion island
As part of our information sharing activity at fi-compass, we raise awareness about how different Member States and regions are ... Read the full story
Microfinance news from fi-compass
See the new EaSI TA newsletter featuring information about capacity building support from fi-compass for Europe’s microfinance ... Read the full story
EaSI TA Thematic Seminar on Mutual Learning 'Risk and Credit Management', 25 September 2017, Deva / Sarmizegetusa, Romania
A thematic seminar on mutual learning was organised by fi-compass EaSI TA in collaboration with the Romanian Region West Credit ... Read the full story