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A series of Member State events on financial instruments delivering ESI Funds was opened in Bratislava on 2 October 2015. A total of 25 such national events in nearly all Member States are planned for the next five months.

The seminar aimed to:

  • provide ministries, managing authorities and other relevant ESIF stakeholders from the public and private sectors with an opportunity to learn more about the advantages, features and suitability of financial instruments in delivering ESIF 2014-2020 objectives, with a specific focus on the thematic priorities of the Slovak Republic;
  • provide the opportunity to learn about and discuss in depth the technical challenges that the stakeholders are facing as regards the design and set up of financial instruments;
  • offer support for Member States and managing authorities by introducing relevant fi-compass learning material.

The seminar in Bratislava featured case studies on financial instruments, the opportunities offered by the 2014-2020 regulatory framework, the advisory products issued by fi-compass to support the design and set-up of financial instruments. In addition, two hands-on oriented workshops were provided.

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Seminar: Financial Instruments delivering ESI Funds, Bratislava, 2 October 2015

Bratislava was the stage for the first national fi-compass event, where participants from Slovakia and a few neighbouring countries explored the potential of using financial instruments to deliver 2014-2020 ESIF objectives in the local and regional context. Similar seminars will be held in most other Member States during the next five months. The seminar provided the participants with practical information, including case studies and regulatory clarifications, on how financial instruments can help in their efforts to deliver ESIF 2014-2020 objectives.

Ivan Lesay, the Slovak State Secretary from the Ministry of Finance welcomed the guests. Three case studies on financial instrument implementation from Slovakia and Poland were presented to provide practical insights for the use of financial instruments.

Martin Polónyi from the Slovak Ministry of Finance highlighted Slovakia’s commitment to using financial instruments in 2014-2020 and illustrated the steps towards the set-up of the funds of funds. Two other cases featured experiences from the 2007-2013 period and lessons learned.

Other examples showcased included the Slovakian State Housing Development Fund contributions to improved insulation of residential buildings, and a Polish financial instrument of particular relevance for ESF stakeholders supporting social enterprises.

These examples were complemented by a detailed presentation on the key novelties, implementation options and guidance provided by the European Commission. The European Investment Bank described what fi-compass can do to help Member States move forward with ESIF financial instruments.

Afternoon sessions featured two workshops on both general features of financial instruments as well as an in-depth analysis of their design. During several roundtable sessions, participants engaged in discussions and exercises with moderators and representatives from the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.

Participants had plenty of networking opportunities, where many discussions focused on the specificities of the Slovak context for implementing financial instruments. Please check our events page for the full calendar of fi-compass seminars.

Financial Instruments delivering ESI Funds, Bratislava, 2 October 2015

Title Speakers
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Ivan Lesay, State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

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Financial instruments in Slovakia: State of Play

Martin Polonyi, Department of Financial Strategy for Economic Growth, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

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State Housing Development Fund (JESSICA Slovakia)

Michaela Kollárová, Head of EU Structural Funds Section, State Housing Development Fund, Slovak Republic

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Loan Fund for Social Economy (European Social Fund)

Joanna Wardzińska, Vice President, Social and Economic Investment Company TISE S.A. (Financial Intermediary), Republic of Poland

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Opportunities offered by the 2014-20 framework

European Commission (DG REGIO)

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fi-compass advisory support

Pieter Coppens, European Investment Bank