fi-compass Showcase 2019 submission – watch a video story from West Pomerania, Poland: Old Slaughterhouse

Watch time: 4min 4sec

This fi-compass Showcase 2019 submission is a video story about the Old Slaughterhouse – a historical building situated in the Łasztownia district of Szczecin in the West Pomerania region in Poland. With help of a loan from the JESSICA initiative, co-financed with resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Old Slaughterhouse building was restored and is used now to host a number of companies.

In the video, Robert Michalski, Chairman of the Board of the Westpomeranian Agency of Regional Development, explains how the support received from the ERDF financial instrument enabled to proceed with this urban development project and what positive impact this project has on the Łasztownia district and the city of Szczecin. The urban development of the former industrial area of the Łasztownia district is a great example of different involved institutions from the region successfully working together to create a positive impact in Szczecin.

The JESSICA loan was provided to the final recipient, CSL Sp. z o.o., an international logistics company who is the owner of the building. Laura Hołowacz, the CEO of CSL Sp. z o.o., explains in the video the history of the building, how it was renovated with the EU co-financed JESSICA loan and how it is currently used for business but also cultural purposes. She is content that with the renovated Old Slaughterhouse, the Łasztownia district is becoming the new heart of Szczecin. The video story includes also external and inside views of the renovated Old Slaughterhouse building.