European Microfinance Week 2015: “Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development”

Published on 04 November 2015

Luxembourg, 18-20 November 2015

EaSI TA: Dissemination of Microfinance Best Practice within European Pre-established Events

The European Microfinance Week is a major annual event of the microfinance industry in Europe hosting high level and in-depth discussions by all sectors of the European microfinance community (banks and financial institutions, government agencies, NGO's, consulting firms, researchers and universities) working in developing countries. It is organized by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and supported by the government of Luxembourg. 300 participants are expected to attend the 2015 session titled “Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development”.

Participants in the European Microfinance Week will have the opportunity to participate in three workshops supported by fi-compass:

  • “Does financial inclusion foster financial stability” will be addressed from the academic, practitioner and technical assistance provider points of view. International and Euro-specific experiences will be shared to participants (19 November)
  • “Following a (social) standard: Compliance, codes of conduct, and more” will provide participants with awareness on the European Code of Good Conduct, as well as other experiences on promoting sound standards (19 November)
  • “Financial inclusion for sustainable development: What networks can do” will present the roles that have been endorsed by networks such as the European Microfinance Network, the Microfinance Centre and the Inclusive Finance Platform Netherlands (20 November)