Microfinance Center Conference: “Employment, Youth and Investment: What can Microfinance do?”

Published on 04 November 2015

Prague, 4-6 November 2015

EaSI TA: Dissemination of Microfinance Best Practice within European Pre-established Events

The annual Microfinance Centre (MFC) Conference is considered to be one of the top regional microfinance conferences worldwide and is highly regarded by microfinance stakeholders. This year, the MFC 2015 Conference is taking place in Prague in November 2015. It gathers over 450 microfinance stakeholders (including microfinance institutions, researchers and policy makers) to take a critical look at the important issues of the day and to debate key choices facing the sector.

Four events within the conference are supported by fi-compass:

  • A pre-conference workshop titled “Business Models that Support Social Impact” during which participants can share their experiences in developing financially sustainable practices that have positive social impact (4 November)
  • The MFC opening session entitled “Microfinance amid Economic, Political and Social Turbulence: What new strategies are needed?” is a panel discussion involving researchers, microfinance network representatives and a practitioners (5 November)
  • A panel discussion entitled “International experience and possibilities of European Microfinance response to the Refugee Crisis” covers an innovative important topic for European microfinance providers in the current climate (5 November)
  • A panel discussion entitled “Inclusion and Employment through Financial Cooperatives” during which participants can learn about various cooperative solutions, their impact and business approaches (6 November)