European Microfinance Network Annual Conference: ‘Shaping European Microfinance: Who, What, and For Whom?’

Published on 03 June 2016

The European Microfinance Network (EMN) will hold its 13th Annual Conference in Warsaw (Poland) on the 16th and 17th June 2016. It is the conference for stakeholders of the European microfinance sector and about 250 delegates are expected to attend, including EMN member organisations, experts, and representatives from other institutions active in the microfinance sector.

The EMN Annual Conference presents an opportunity for Microfinance practitioners to share, exchange and challenge good practices in microfinance. EMN aims to achieve in-depth and interactive knowledge sharing within its plenary sessions, workshops, roundtable meetings, and open space dialogues.

Five events within the conference are supported by fi-compass:

  • A pre-conference full day seminar titled ‘The Investor’s Game’ during which microfinance practitioners will be stimulated to exchange on fundraising techniques and strategies. It is the first thematic mutual learning seminar in an EMN Annual Conference. (15 June)
  • A workshop entitled ‘A European platform for Microfinance reaching out to refugees’ which will look at the European Microfinance Sector’s proposal to the EIB regarding the establishment of an EU platform for the microfinance sector to cope with the refugee’s crisis. The tool should be able to help MCPs in Europe to deal with the special requirements of these target clients via finance, equity, guarantees and grants. (16 June)
  • A workshop entitled ‘Microinsurance: A way to strengthen your customer relationship & diversify your services’ will aim at empowering MFI managers to be able to better identify areas of risk and insurance needs of their clients They will gain a clear understanding of the characteristics that microinsurance programmes must have in order to be valuable and to provide clear benefits for all stakeholders.
  • A workshop ‘How to run BDS as a business case?’ will look into the non-financial services (BDS) as a key to the success of the clients' businesses and how far the microfinance sector should actually go in the provision of them.
  • A workshop ‘Progress Review on the EU Code for Microcredit Provision’ will be the occasion to have a look at the first year of implementation of the ‘European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision’ or ‘Code’. This session seeks to share experience of European stakeholders and to provide an outlook for the upcoming year.

Further information about the EMN conference is available at: