Second Call for EaSI Technical Assistance to the European microcredit sector

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The EaSI Technical Assistance (EaSI TA) is launching a second Call for Expression of Interest with the goal of identifying and selecting up to 34 European microcredit providers that will benefit from EaSI Technical Assistance services. Microcredit providers in the 28 EU Member States, as well as in Albania, FYROM, Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia and Turkey, may respond to this Call for Expression of Interest to request technical assistance. EaSI TA offers institutional assessment or rating and tailored training, advisory and coaching. To apply, microcredit providers must sign up to the 'European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision', a Europe-wide initiative to promote best practices within the sector.

This second Call will remain open from 20 May 2016 until 19 May 2017 and applies to European microcredit providers, which include greenfield microfinance institutions, non-bank microcredit providers, licensed banks and guarantee granting entities.

If you are eligible, you can apply by downloading all the application documents published below at any time during the one-year period of 20 May 2016 to 19 May 2017. Beneficiaries will then be selected at suitable intervals within the stated period of the Call. Approved beneficiaries will begin to benefit from EaSI Technical Assistance services in 2016.

  • Call for Expression of Interest  EN |  PL
  • Annex I   Template for Expression of Interest  EN   EN  |  PL   PL
  • Annex II  Eligibility and Selection Criteria  EN |  PL
  • Annex III Description of the institutional assessment and rating services  EN |  PL
  • Addendum #1 to open call for expression of interest  EN |  PL

Expressions of Interest should be submitted in English by email to: easi.ta (at) fi-compass (dot) eu. Please note that the maximum file size per email is 10MB.

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