New fi-compass resources on ERDF financial instruments

New fi-compass resources on ERDF financial instruments

The start of 2019 has seen a number of new resources for ERDF practitioners published on the fi-compass website. The event page for FI Campus 2018 is now online with links to all the materials from our flagship event. The new event page for the FIRECE project features materials on energy efficiency, which is also the theme of our new case study from Greece to be published shortly. Finally, we highlight our Video library, where a range of interesting and accessible materials is available, including a new video case study on an ESIF equity financial instrument in Northern Ireland.

New event pages published – FI Campus 2018 and FIRECE

The FI Campus 2018 event page is now live on the fi-compass website. All 40 presentations as well as other resources are available from the fi-compass flagship event, which was held in Brussels in December 2018. These resources include a presentation by European Commission experts on the implications for financial instruments of the new Omnibus regulation, the case studies presented at the event and material from workshops on key horizontal topics, including the popular session on audit and control. Video interviews with some of the key contributors to the event are also available.

Financial instruments supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy were the focus of the fi-compass workshop for the FIRECE project held in January 2019 in Brussels. The event also considered the potential opportunities created for financial instruments following the publication of the document A Guide to the Statistical Treatment of Energy Performance Contracts. The full agenda of this event and all presentations are published in the new event page here.

New fi-compass publications availableNew fi-compass publications available

Energy efficiency and renewable energy is also the main topic of the latest case study that fi-compass will publish shortly: Energy Savings in Existing Housing Programme, Greece. Co-funded by ERDF, the programme provided partially subsidised loans combined with non-repayable grants to support household energy saving investments.

Furthermore, fi-compass recently released a report summarising the review of 132 ex-ante assessments undertaken for ERDF and CF Operational Programmes in the 2014-2020 programming period. The project aimed to identify key trends, common findings and outcomes in ex-ante assessments.

Have you explored the latest fi-compass video material?

Nora BloomWe warmly invite Beacon readers to explore the recent video resources about ERDF financial instruments published on the fi-compass website.

Video case studies provide an accessible way to learn about successful financial instrument operations. The newly published video case study ESIF equity financial instruments support Invest Northern Ireland features contributions from the managing authority, intermediate body, financial intermediaries and final recipients who each provide their own perspectives on the operation that supports SMEs in Northern Ireland.

Event videos and the popular 'What they say' section also provide a wealth of information about fi-compass events and the experience of practitioners at every stage of implementation of financial instruments. For example, Nora Blum from the final recipient Selfapy provides a rich insight to how ESIF financial instruments in Berlin have supported young entrepreneurs to start innovative businesses.