Three new video case studies on ERDF financial instruments

Published on 27 January 2022
New video on combination of financial instruments and grant

fi-compass recently published three new fi-compass video case studies, showcasing the positive impact of ERDF financial instruments in Bulgaria and Berlin, Germany. The videos showcase success stories and lessons learned of ERDF managing authorities implementing financial instruments in the 2014-2020 programming period.

ERDF financial instruments in Bulgaria

The video ‘ERDF financial instruments in action: Urban Development in Bulgaria’ illustrates how an ERDF powered long term loan financed the modernisation of the contemporary art centre and library in Burgas, Bulgaria. The renovation of an old German school allowed the neighbourhood to enjoy a modern space for education and cultural activities. The project also involved the digitalisation of publications and archives, as well as the creation of a virtual reality lab for children and young people to participate in creative educational activities.



The video case study ‘ERDF financial instruments in action: sustainable food from insects’ showcases Nasekomo, a successful biotechnology company in Bulgaria producing edible protein from insects. Thanks to equity investments co-financed with ERDF resources, Nasekomo could scale up their production facilities and further develop their research and development programme. Read the recently published case study ‘FMFIB: Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria – a multi-sector fund of funds’ to find out more.


ERDF co-financed equity for innovative companies in Berlin

The ‘Supporting innovative start-ups’ video case study explains how Berlin’s start-ups providing innovative and sustainable products grow and scale thanks to ERDF co-financed Venture Capital (VC) investments. The Federal State of Berlin was one of EU’s pioneers in implementing ERDF equity financial instruments. Three final recipients as well as the ERDF intermediate body and the fund manager describe how the VC funds work in practice, what advantages they offer and what Berlin’s ambitions are to further expand the range of the ERDF equity products in the 2021-2027 period: