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  1. Mikk Vainik, Ando Siitam

    Mikk Vainik, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia; Ando Siitam, European Investment Bank

  2. Ieva Zālīte and event participants

    Ieva Zālīte, DG REGIO, European Commission

  3. Ando Siitam and event participants

    Ando Siitam, European Investment Bank

  4. Event participants

  5. Event participants and fi-compass publications

  6. Event participants and fi-compass publications

  7. Event participants

  8. Event participants

  9. Event participants

  10. Event participants

  11. Event participants

  12. Event participants

  13. Event participants

  14. Event folder

  15. Kerstin Liiva

    Kerstin Liiva, Ministry of Finance, Estonia

  16. Alessandro Tappi

    Alessandro Tappi, Director, European Investment Fund

  17. Nivelin Noev

    Nivelin Noev, Policy Officer, DG AGRI, European Commission

  18. Bruno Robino

    Bruno Robino, Head of fi-compass, European Investment Bank

  19. Francesca Natali

    Francesca Natali, Board member, META Group & Business Angels

  20. Andrea Limone

    Andrea Limone, Chief Executive Officer, PerMicro Spa, Italy

  21. Inga Balžekaitė

    Inga Balžekaitė, Manager of Development and International Projects, Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund, Lithuania