Manual (Introducing financial instruments for the European Social Fund)

Published on 16.02.2017

This fi-compass publication introduces financial instruments for the European Social Fund (ESF). It gives an overview of the scope for financial instruments to promote inclusion, sustainable jobs and better education.

It helps managing authorities and ESF stakeholders to understand the potential offered by financial instruments to leverage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of ESF programmes to achieve specific objectives and investment priorities.

Further, the content also targets financial intermediaries including both:

  • traditional, such as banks and credit or capital institutions and;
  • non bank, such as NGOs and foundations, equity fund providers, specialised microfinance and community development financial institutions, as well as government bodies and institutions.

The publication shows what a financial instrument is and the difference to other policy tools. It describes why financial instruments are relevant for the ESF and what they can be directed towards. It also provides a preliminary description of how and who can implement financial instruments, as well as what the main financial products are.

All EU Member States
Thematic Objective
promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility
promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and any discrimination