INVEGA: Better access to finance for innovative and social enterprises

Through ESF and ERDF financial instruments, INVEGA, the Lithuanian National Promotional Institution wants to facilitate access to finance for innovative businesses and social enterprises.

The Startuok financial instrument has helped over 50 SMEs, Ukrainian businesses established in Lithuania and social impact companies. Accelerator fund and Accelerator 2 are Venture Capital instruments that supported more than 100 innovative micro and small enterprises to develop their products and services locally and around the globe.

Watch this Showcase 2023 video submission to find out more!

Video file
Video file
Submitting organisation:
Investiciju ir verslo garantijos (INVEGA)

Type of authority:
Public sector financial intermediary

Financial instrument name:
Accelerator fund and Accelerator 2
Startuok granting loans
Funding source:

Type of financial product:
Equity, loans

Financial size:
EUR 11 million (Accelerator fund and Accelerator 2), 
EUR 19 million (Startuok granting loans)