MIRET: Reducing your carbon footprint, literally

With more than 24 billion pairs of shoes made each year using mainly oil derivatives and leather, footwear has a negative impact on the environment. Croatian footwear company MIRET wants to change that! Designing shoes to have the lowest possible impact on the environment, their bio-based sneakers are empowering consumers to choose design, durability and comfort, but most importantly sustainability.

MIRET’s vision really took off when the company received equity support from Fil Rouge Capital, a financial intermediary participating in an ERDF-powered financial instrument, helping the business to thrive and compete in the global market.

Watch this Showcase 2023 video submission to find out more!

Video file
Submitting organisation: 
Fil Rouge Capital – Fund Manager of the Croatian Venture Capital Initiative implemented by EIF 

Type of authority: 
Private sector financial intermediary
(Venture Capital Fund)

Financial instrument name: 
Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020
ESIF Venture Capital Fund

Funding source: 

Type of financial product: 

Financial size:
EUR 46 million