Puglia Sviluppo: Minibonds for Sustainability

The ERDF powered ‘Minibonds for Sustainability’ financial instrument, set up by Puglia Sviluppo, the region’s agency for economic development, has achieved its goal of generating over EUR 100 million in new issues, demonstrating that even small and medium-sized enterprises can access the capital market, adopting forms of financing that are complementary to traditional bank finance.

Among these are Officine e Fonderie de Riccardis a cast-iron mechanical production company that could reduce its environmental impact and cut energy costs thanks to a new solar panel installation. Alpha Pharma, an advanced medical solutions company focusing on treatments for chronic diseases could scale up production and expand their business to new markets. Finally, Tersan Puglia a biofertiliser and biomethane facility could optimise its processes and considerably cut energy costs.

Watch this Showcase 2023 video submission to find out more!

Video file
Submitting organisation: 
Puglia Sviluppo S.p.a.

Type of authority: 
Intermediate body

Financial instrument name: 
Fondo Minibond della Regione Puglia 2014/2020
Funding source: 

Type of financial product: 

Financial size:
EUR 40 million