fi-compass Showcase 2019 submission – watch a video story from Italy: San Giorgio

This ‘fi-compass Showcase 2019’ submission is a video story about the company San Giorgio, founded back in 1980 as a small pastry shop, which gradually expanded and became a major Italian industrial manufacturer in the frozen confectionary sector, employing today 180 people.

The Sweet Campania project brings together 8 companies in the production supply chain, headed by San Giorgio and AMBROSIO IDAV. The project received a loan of over EUR 6 800 000 from Fondo Rotativo Contratti di Sviluppo Asse III, a financial instrument co-financed with resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), in combination with a grant.

In the video Fiorenzo Cirillo, Project Leader, explains that the Sweet Campania initiative helped to improve the value generated within the supply chain. The project reinforced the companies’ ability to take on international challenges, to increase their turnover and to employ additional people.

Emilio Ambrosio from AMBROSIO IDAV states how the project enabled them to achieve their development goals, in terms of both quality and size, with the support of European Union resources. “We are also planning future growth, partly by expanding the objectives of the project we have brought forward so far”, he concludes.