fi-compass Showcase 2019 submission – watch a video story from Romania: Smart Bill

This fi-compass Showcase 2019 submission is a video story about Smart Bill, an invoicing and inventory management software company from Bucharest, Romania. The company received as final recipient an equity investment from the JEREMIE Romania 2007-2013 financial instrument, co-financed with resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the national budget.

Mircea Capatina, Co-Founder of Smart Bill, explains in the video that the investment was used for growth, for marketing and sales and for the development of a new accounting software. He states in the video: “Without the financing we would have grown at a much slower pace.”

The video story includes also a short interview with Marius Ghenea from Catalyst Romania who explains how their investment in Smart Bill was possible with the support of European Union resources and how the fund manager supports the final recipient apart from the investment itself.

Cristian Ignat, Founder of Canopy, a customer of Smart Bill, discusses in the video how his company successfully works with Smart Bill’s software and how Smart Bill’s customer focus is very helpful for Canopy.