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Total active financial instruments (2014-2020) 14 1 n/a n/a 4
Total contributions to financial instruments (€ million) 1 141.66 58.50 n/a n/a 148.50

Data from before 01.01.2022

Source: Cohesion Policy Open Data Platform

Slovakia financial instruments


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Thematic objectives

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Slovakia Showcase 2024

SIH: Fostering integration through affordable housing

15 June 2024

SIH joined forces with Slovenská sporiteľňa to address the lack of affordable and social housing in Slovakia, leveraging public resources to make more than 350 rental apartments available for over 600 people across the country.

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SIH: Preserving Slovak history through culture

2 February 2023

The Grössling Spa, one of Bratislava’s 19th century iconic buildings, will be restored to its original function, and will share its premises with the City Library thanks to the support of ERDF financial instruments managed by Slovak Investment Holding (SIH), Slovakia’s National Promotional Institution.

Accessible geothermal energy thanks to ESIF financing

Accessible geothermal energy thanks to ESIF financing

3 September 2022

How do we replace fossil fuels? That is the big question. While intermittent renewables like solar and wind, when paired with batteries, are a popular fossil fuel alternative, the energy from the Earth's super-heated core is still largely untapped.