Financial instruments in your country

In this section, you can find information about the state of play of the European Structural and Investment Fund financial instruments and relevant resources related to each country.

EU facts and figures (data from before 01.01.2020)

Total active financial instruments (2014-2020) 417 35 28 3
Total contributions to financial instruments (€ million) 21 250 767 657 12
(Source: Cohesion Policy Open Data Platform)

EU financial instruments

"Фонд на фондовете"

"Фонд на фондовете"

Abondement au fonds de prêts d'honneur

Abondement d'un fonds d'investissement en fonds propres au profit des créations d'entreprises innovantes en Bourgogne- Création 5.0

Abondement du fonds de prêts à taux zéro