2021 update of the annotated template for reporting on financial instruments

4 May 2021

This updated annotated template for reporting on financial instruments according to Article 46 Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) includes instructions on how to fill-in the required and optional fields in the report on financial instruments (Section 8 in the annual implementation report to be submitted through the System for Fund Management in the European Union (SFC)).

This version of the reporting template is based on the previous versions from 2017 and 2020.

The limited amendments introduced in the current 2021 update concern clarifications of the aspects which were causing the most common quality of data issues for the annual summaries, as well as some small additions explaining how to report on REACT-EU.

Managing authorities are welcome to make use of the updated template already in the upcoming summaries, but given the approaching deadline and nature of the update which only clarified existing approach there is no need for an update of the annual reports which were already prepared.

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