The fi-compass Blog

Published on 20 January 2022

What do newly insulated homes in Lithuania, a 3D printing business in Italy and sustainable grapes production in Greece have in common? All these projects were financed using EU financial instruments.

EU financial instruments have helped numerous projects from across a wide range of sectors grow, mature and thrive. To show case their positive impact, we have created a centralised platform to highlight successes in financial instrument implementation – the fi-compass blog.

These examples illustrate the impact of financial instruments in addressing market failures and promoting sustainable growth. Blog articles will be published on a rolling basis, providing readers with inspiring stories of how financial instruments have helped practitioners across a wide range of sectors bring their visions to life.



When it comes to learning about the world of financial instruments, who better to hear from than those who have travelled this road and reaped the benefits?

If you are a managing authority, a financial intermediary or a financial instrument expert, learn more about the practical features of financial instruments and their impact on the ground by following updates of this exciting new blog!

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