fi-compass news

October 2016
Targeted coaching services for Rural Development Programmes by fi-compass
Financial instruments using the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) represent useful opportunities to enhance the ... Read the full story
EC annual summary of data reinforces the potential of financial instruments in implementing Cohesion Policy
By the end of 2015, a total of almost EUR 16.9 billion of 2007-2013 Operational Programme (OP) resources was paid to more than 1000 ... Read the full story
Selection of bodies implementing financial instruments: fi-compass event series continues
A new round of knowledge sharing events is underway through fi-compass to help Member States and regions implement financial ... Read the full story
New advisory services from fi-compass
The new 2016-2018 work programme has been launched by fi-compass. The new advisory services build on the achievements of the ... Read the full story
Microfinance in action: a practitioner's perspective from France 
Helping Member States and their regions to advance with microfinance is an important part of fi-compass activity. This includes ... Read the full story
New factsheet on Personal Loans published by fi-compass
A new fi-compass advisory publication explains how financial instruments can support Member State objectives for inclusion and ... Read the full story
Two EaSI TA Workshops during the 3rd European Microfinance Forum, 19-21 October 2016, Rome
The 3rd European Microfinance Forum (3rd EMF) will provide public institutions, private sector operators and non-profit organisations with ... Read the full story
New fi-compass case studies available soon
A number of new case studies will soon be published by fi-compass. These include information and experiences from financial ... Read the full story
September 2016
Nine new microcredit providers to benefit from fi-compass EaSI TA
Under the second Call for Technical Assistance from the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI TA) Programme, which opened several months ... Read the full story
August 2016
'Microfinance in the Cloud’ conference
More than 380 participants attended the Microfinance in the Cloud conference from over 40 countries in Europe and Central Asia. This ... Read the full story
European microfinance in the spotlight
Microfinance expertise from fi-compass was involved in five knowledge sharing sessions at the European Microfinance Network (EMN ... Read the full story
New EC guidance on selecting bodies to implement financial instruments
A new guidance note has been published by the European Commission about financial instruments using the European Structural & ... Read the full story
July 2016
Success factors for agricultural guarantee funds: lessons from Lithuania
Member States’ real-life experiences of using financial instruments for rural development were explained as part of the fi-compass ... Read the full story
New off-the-shelf financial instruments for business and urban development
The European Commission has adopted two new 'off-the-shelf' financial instruments for investments using the European Structural and ... Read the full story
Social innovation perspectives from Portugal
Financial instruments can be used by Member States to support social policy objectives. Experience from Portugal highlights how such ... Read the full story
Dutch experiences with revolving funds for fisheries
Financial instruments can be used to implement the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) including supporting sustainable ... Read the full story
Rural development financial instruments showcased by fi-compass
Two macro-regional seminars were organised by fi-compass to raise awareness about opportunities for using financial instruments ... Read the full story
New fi-compass handbook on ex-ante assessment for rural development financial instruments
A new fi-compass publication has been launched featuring advice about developing financial instruments for the European ... Read the full story
June 2016
New factsheet on Social Entrepreneurship published by fi-compass
A new advisory publication has been released by fi-compass which explains the role that financial instruments for social ... Read the full story
Entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups fostered by fi-compass microfinance workshop
On 31 May 2016, the European Parliament together with the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Technical Assistance (TA ... Read the full story