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The fi-compass factsheet ‘Supporting the development of Social Finance Ecosystems in Member States under ESF – Lessons learned from the Portuguese Social Innovation Initiative‘ provides step-by-step guidance for the managing authorities willing to support the social economy sector with ESF resources. By taking inspiration from the Portuguese Social Innovation Initiative and building on its lesson learned, this factsheet delivers insights and advice for the adoption of a so-called ‘ecosystem approach‘, whereby all the needs and aspects of social economy stakeholders are addressed and factored into the policy tools.

Latest fi-compass publications


IFRRU 2020 is a financial instrument that has been established to fund urban renewal and energy efficiency in Portugal. It uses EUR 102 million of ESI Funds to mobilise EUR 1.4 billion of public and private financing for urban development, with the aim of generating a total investment of EUR 2 billion.

Latest fi-compass publications


The fi-compass ‘Survey on financial instruments under the European Social Fund (ESF) - Reflections at present and ideas for future’ was conducted in May and June 2019. The survey collected feedback on current experiences in connection with the implementation of financial instruments under the ESF. In addition, it collected views and suggestions for a further take-up of financial instruments under the ESF, thus helping to shape future technical assistance (TA) measures.

Latest fi-compass publications


During the 2014-2020 period, the scope of financial instruments under EAFRD has widened to all eligible sectors, including investment in infrastructure. EAFRD grant support for infrastructure currently accounts for around 10% of total investment volume, though no financial instruments dedicated to infrastructure have yet been implemented.

Latest fi-compass publications


This publication describes a pilot technical assistance initiative promoted by the European Commission Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) in collaboration with the European Investment Bank Group (EIB Group) for supporting rural infrastructure and Smart Villages development.

Latest fi-compass publications


The Energy Savings in Existing Housing Programme in Greece (the Programme) was established in 2010 as a holding fund to achieve the objectives of four regional Operational Programmes (OPs) and two sectoral OPs. The Programme, co-funded by ERDF, provided partially subsidised loans combined with non-repayable grants to support household energy saving investments.

At the end of the period of investment, 51,152 households had been assisted in reducing their energy consumption.