fi-compass podcasts

fi-compass Jam Sessions

The fi-compass Jam Sessions podcasts feature practitioners in financial instruments supported by European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) discussing and shedding light on the latest developments in the sector. As well as experts from the European Commission and the European Investment Bank, the podcasts will feature managing authorities, financial intermediaries and final recipients to highlight examples of good practice in ESIF financial instrument implementation.

Just like a Jam Session between musicians, the interviews will be informal and accessible and designed to generate new insights through the exchange of expertise. The podcasts will be suitable for a wide range of stakeholders with different levels of knowledge of financial instruments. We will try to keep the jargon levels low and provide you with ‘to-the-point’ content that will inspire you and enrich your knowledge of ESIF financial instruments.

Have a question? Send it to and we will endeavor to answer it either by email or in a future Jam Session.