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Total active financial instruments (2014-2020) 103 10 10 n/a n/a
Total contributions to financial instruments (€ million) 5 857.92 245.50 122.30 n/a n/a

Data from before 01.01.2022

Source: Cohesion Policy Open Data Platform

Italy financial instruments


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Thematic objectives

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Credit Fund Lombardy supports the agri-food chain

Credit Fund Lombardy supports the agri-food chain

13 July 2023

Implemented in 2017, the EAFRD Credit Fund Lombardy, a grant combination financial instrument made access to finance easier for agri-food companies while improving primary producers’ integration in the agri-food chain.

Workers buyout: il sostegno dell’Europa

Workers buyout: il sostegno dell’Europa

31 March 2023

In Italia le imprese salvate dai lavoratori sono ormai un’esperienza consolidata, come anche in Francia e Spagna.

Puglia (Italy) (map)

Puglia Sviluppo: Minibonds for Sustainability

31 January 2023

The ERDF powered ‘Minibonds for Sustainability’ financial instrument, set up by Puglia Sviluppo, the region’s agency for economic development, has achieved its goal of generating over EUR 100 million in new issues, demonstrating that even small and medium-sized enterprises can access the capital market, adopting forms of financing that are complementary to traditional bank finance.