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services on financial instruments under the
fi-compass is a unique platform for advisory
for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).
European Structural and Investment Funds
(ESIF) and microfinance under the Programme
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be an important tool for boosting EU agriculture.
Investments, in a variety of forms, will help create a modern, dynamic agri-food
sector to create jobs and enhance growth in the EU. Financial Instruments will


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Title Term Definition
Legacy funding

The prospective surplus of a fund attributable to the public sector contribution, which can, once available, be used to assist SMEs.

Legal Basis

Legal base or basis, as a general rule, a law based on an article in the Treaty giving competence to the Community for a specific policy area and setting out the conditions for fulfilling that competence including budget implementation. Certain Treaty articles authorise the Commission to undertake certain actions, which imply spending, without there being a further legal act.

Leverage effect

“The Union contribution to a financial instrument shall aim at mobilising a global investment exceeding the size of the Union contribution according to the indicators defined in advance”.
Article 223 – The leverage effect of Union funds shall be equal to the amount of finance to eligible final recipients divided by the amount of the Union contribution.In the ESIF context, the leverage is the sum of the amount of ESIF funding and of the additional public and private resources raised divided by the nominal amount of the ESI Funds contribution.


An agreement which obliges the lender to make available to the borrower an agreed sum of money for an agreed period of time and under which the borrower is obliged to repay that amount within the agreed time.