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services on financial instruments under the
fi-compass is a unique platform for advisory
for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).
European Structural and Investment Funds
(ESIF) and microfinance under the Programme
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be an important tool for boosting EU agriculture.
Investments, in a variety of forms, will help create a modern, dynamic agri-food
sector to create jobs and enhance growth in the EU. Financial Instruments will


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Resources returned

Resources returned to the Financial Instruments from investments in Final Recipients can be categorised as ‘capital receipts’ and ‘income receipts’.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a step in a risk management procedure and relates to the determination of the quantitative or qualitative value of the credit risk ('valuation'). This exercise is specifically (but not only) relevant for the issue of Guarantees. Quantitative credit Risk Assessment requires the estimation and calculation of risk (including 'expected loss' and 'unexpected loss'), the magnitude of the potential loss and the probability that the loss will occur.

Risk-sharing instrument

Risk-sharing instrument means a financial engineering instrument which allows for the sharing of a defined risk between two or more entities, where appropriate in exchange for an agreed remuneration.