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fi-compass is a unique platform for advisory
for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).
European Structural and Investment Funds
(ESIF) and microfinance under the Programme
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be an important tool for boosting EU agriculture.
Investments, in a variety of forms, will help create a modern, dynamic agri-food
sector to create jobs and enhance growth in the EU. Financial Instruments will


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Venture Capital (VC)

Investment in unquoted enterprises by Venture Capital firms who, acting as Principals, manage individual, institutional or in-house money. In Europe, the main financing stages included in Venture Capital are early-stage (covering seed and start-up) and expansion. Strictly defined, Venture Capital is a subset of private Equity. Venture capital is thus professional Equity co-invested with the entrepreneur to fund an early-stage (seed and start-up) or expansion venture. Offsetting the high risk the investor takes is the expectation of a higher-than-average return on the investment.

Venture Capital Fund (VCF)

An investment fund that manages money from professional investors seeking private equity and equity -related securities (such as quasi-equity) in small and medium-sized firms (investee companies) with strong growth potential. The venture capital fund is usually an unincorporated arrangement such as a limited partnership . A management company that usually has several funds under its control may be a limited company, a limited partnership or a company quoted on a stock market.