Articles on how financial instruments are being implemented on the ground

The sweet taste of berries
13 April 2023
The sweet taste of success

The financial backing of the EAFRD risk-sharing financial instrument has helped Valentin Verzea, a former banker, make his farm in Southern Romania profitable.

With 13.5 hectares in production, he was able to deliver 90 tons of premium raspberries in 2022 to major supermarket chains in Romania.

03 April 2023
HUB2 boosts digital banking in Africa

Thanks to a EUR 1.25 million equity investment from ESSOR PME La Réunion, HUB2, a Reunionese based SME was able to develop an Application Programming Interface enabling interoperability between mobile money wallets in Western Africa and answer the huge demand for more connectivity in mobile banking and banking systems in Africa.

Showcase 2023
15 March 2023
FI Campus Showcase 2023
A unique opportunity to share and promote your financial instrument success stories within the fi-compass community. Congratulations to our Showcase 2023 winners who took home the trophy at the FI Campus event on the 15 March and a round of applause for all our other submissions.
All EU
Southern Bulgaria and Sofia (Bulgaria)
2 February 2023
Sustainable Cities Fund: Future proofing cities in Bulgaria

Over the past four years, the Sustainable Cities Fund has financed more than 70 projects in Bulgaria thanks to ERDF financial instruments. From the restoration of schools, markets and theatres, to the renovation of parks, the Fund is helping cities thrive and become more sustainable. The Sustainable Cities Fund’s mission is to foster economic and urban development in Bulgaria, making the most of EU and National resources through financial instruments.

3 February 2023
SIH: Preserving Slovak history through culture

The Grössling Spa, one of Bratislava’s 19th century iconic buildings, will be restored to its original function, and will share its premises with the City Library thanks to the support of ERDF financial instruments managed by Slovak Investment Holding (SIH), Slovakia’s National Promotional Institution.

Croatia (map)
2 February
MIRET: Reducing your carbon footprint, literally

With more than 24 billion pairs of shoes made each year using mainly oil derivatives and leather, footwear has an undeniably negative impact on the environment. Croatian footwear company MIRET wants to change that! Designing shoes to have the lowest possible impact on the environment, these bio-based sneakers are empowering consumers to choose design, durability and comfort, but most importantly sustainability.

Bretagne (France)
2 February 2023
Breizh Up: Stimulating and accelerating innovation in Brittany

Since 2015, Breizh Up is having a positive impact on Brittany’s economy, using ERDF backed financial instruments to stimulate and accelerate investment in innovative companies in France. Among Breizh Up’s diverse portfolio is EOLINK, a company implementing innovative and cost-effective floating wind farms.