Articles on how financial instruments are being implemented on the ground

wooden pallets
16 March 2022
A smart solution for your pallets and your wallet

A FOSTER TPE-PME loan helped the MagicPallet platform develop and grow. Today, 150 businesses are using it and this allowed the relocation of 3 million pallets, i.e. the equivalent of 84 tonnes of wood saved if new pallets had been manufactured.

fabrication of passive solar protection glazing
14 March 2022
Passive windows improve the carbon footprint of buildings

The FOSTER TPE-PME loan was a real game changer for Immoblade. The Toulouse based start-up is now signing its first contracts and equipping major clients such as Aéroports De Paris with its smart windows. 

A typical individual Hector bin that employees can fill in at home and bring back at the office.
10 March 2022
Green energy courtesy of your bio-waste

Thanks to an ERDF financial instrument, Hector le Collector—a start-up that collects urban food waste from offices and restaurants and transforms it into bio-energy—was able to purchase equipment and expand its services, collecting 45 tons of bio-waste in 2021.

Nasekomo - Insects
29 October 2021
Nasekomo: sustainable food from insects

Supported by a EUR 1.5 million-equity investment from the ERDF Financial Instruments in Bulgaria, Nasekomo, a successful biotechnology company at the forefront of European insect-based sustainable food production, will soon open an industrial demonstrator with a capacity of 600t/year.

Profit - cooking
29 October 2021
ProFIT supports leading diet coaching app in Europe

Backed by a grant/loan combination funding from the ERDF ProFIT programme in the federal state of Brandenburg, Oviva, a leading diet coaching app has helped over 200 000 patients suffering from weight-related health problems.

New CPR - Conductor
1 September 2021
New CPR enters into force

A key objective of the CPR is administrative simplification, accelerating the delivery of public support in the real economy and streamlining the legal requirements for the development of financial instruments. The new CPR gives national authorities the possibility to set-up instruments suited to local, regional or national needs.

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Roboze employee powers up 3D printer
19 May 2021
A tech start-up heading for the Big League

Alessio Lorusso, CEO of Roboze, a leading italian 3D company, built his first 3D printer alone in his bedroom at 17 out of curiosity and pure passion for 3D technology.

Supported by a EUR 3 million equity investment by Italy's Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR), Roboze is today a successful business developing machines and high performance components for worldwide giants.