Articles on how financial instruments are being implemented on the ground

inside the new processing facility.
25 December 2022
United for success thanks to an EMFF financial instrument loan

Thanks to two loans backed by the 2014-2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Financial Instrument, three former competitors in the Baltic fishing and fish processing industry have joined forces and invested in a modern plant that gives fish remains a second life.

Man working on a machine
20 December 2022
Huras: a rising star in challenging times

Thanks to a loan granted by BNP Paribas, under the ERDF co-financed Biznesmax guarantee, Huras, a globally active family-owned company manufacturing machinery and specialised equipment in Poland, was able to develop and grow – even during challenging times.

Hands holding a green liquid
12 December 2022
Spiripau: from flowers to algae

With the financial backing of a Friuli-Venezia Giulia EAFRD financial instrument loan, the Paulitti family were able to turn their floriculture company into a successful organic spirulina business.

10 December 2023
Let’s get this show on the road!

After a brief hiatus, the fi-compass team is happy to announce the return of the Showcase Award 2023! Could you be the winner waiting in the wings to raise the Showcase trophy high at our upcoming FI Campus event?

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Streets of London
2 December 2022
MEEF helps black cabs convert to electric

Thanks to the Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund (‘MEEF‘), which uses European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) financial instruments (FIs), Colts Cabs Limited (‘Colts’), London’s largest independent licensed taxi rental company, has benefitted from a multi-million Euro loan to fund 30 electric black cabs through an innovative and flexible pay-per-mile mechanism.

United Kingdom
Accessible geothermal energy thanks to ESIF financing
3 September 2022
Accessible geothermal energy thanks to ESIF financing

How do we replace fossil fuels? That is the big question. While intermittent renewables like solar and wind, when paired with batteries, are a popular fossil fuel alternative, the energy from the Earth's super-heated core is still largely untapped.

Construction work
26 August 2022
AL VIA – an ESIF guarantee instrument for smart SMEs in Lombardy

Founded in 2017, the Italian region of Lombardy’s AL VIA programme has taken important steps to help revive the regional economy in the wake of the financial crisis.

The CIDAS Residence Service in Ferrara
15 August 2022
ERDF financial instruments help Italian social cooperative cut bills

Support from an ERDF financial instrument has helped an Italian social cooperative in Emilia-Romagna cut its heating bills by 25% in a year, allowing it to spend more energy on people.